Let's Learn Together!

Featuring Dr. Amy, PhD, Licensed Psychologist, and Dawn Creach, MS, Principal Healthcare Consultant

What We’ll Cover:

  • Recognize the impact of individual & organizational stress that leads to provider & staff burnout, turnover, and workplace dissatisfaction
  • How your clinic can meet the new PCPCH standard 2.F Staff Vitality
  • Learn the components that build organizational wellness and resilience among your staff & providers
  • Understand what resources & tools are available
  • Learn about an opportunity to participate in a statewide community of practice with clinics focused on supporting staff & provider vitality

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Helping Healing Professionals Workshop


A Workshop for Primary Care Homes to Address Staff Wellness and meet PCPCH Standard 2.F Staff Vitality


THurs, July 8th 12pm to 1pm

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