The ConnectEd Collaborative:
Building Resilience at Every Encounter

Join me for free in our monthly virtual ConnectEd Collaborative meeting — every first Thursday at 12:30 pm PST

This is a learning collaborative for professionals dedicated to The Most Important Medicine - Building resilience in relationships and nurturing connections for children and families. A community for YOU to build your village and feel strengthened through resources and support from like-minded champions!


Receive a one-time Zoom link to join us for the next virtual ConnectEd Collaborative meeting.

What is the ConnectEd Collaborative?

  • This is a community of connected, compassionate professionals who want to create meaningful changes and impact the lives of children and families. We believe that relationships and connection build resilience.
  • It is a place to show up, just as you are, and be part of a village of healers and helpers. Feel heard, be held, share stories, and begin to heal as you unlearn and relearn ways to shift towards healing yourself and helping others.
  • Membership includes access to invaluable resources including monthly virtual collaborative meetings and a comprehensive resource hub that offers a wealth of valuable materials at your finger tips, including PDFs, videos, and recordings.

If you’re looking for a place to find purpose, create meaning, and respond with practical tools that build buffering forces for what families face, this is the community for you. Join me to learn more!